FreeMind 0.9 is an excellent mind mapping software
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FreeMind 0.9 is an excellent mind mapping software.
This software is an excellent productivity tool. You can create mind maps easy and friendly with many features included to develop all your ideas and projects clearly in order or simply to order a brainstorm session.
This great map mapping software has a lot of features and there but this release includes these following new features: fully functional following HTML link stored in the nodes to websites or to local files; improves folding for view control; smart drag and drop; smart copying and pasting from MS Word, Outlook messages, HTML links, etc. It exports to different format such as HTML, XHTML, Java applet, flash, png, and many other formats. Also this software allows you to find items easy and quicly among all the items even if they are folding.
Its GUI is very friendly and easy to use; the documentation is very complete and is a good guide to provide enough information about the software, its features and how to use them in your mind maps documents. Its website also offers good information and provides contact information to improve or complain about the program.
The installation process is very easy to perform; it requires Java 5 or later because the program is written in Java. Freemind works in almost every platform that runs Java.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • FreeMind is a great mind mapping software that includes many features to make it powerful. It’s free due to the GNU license and is a very good option to work on project tracking and brainstorm tasks among many other uses


  • I haven’t found any until now
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